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Has Spring finally sprung?

We have been patiently awaiting the advent of spring and I think we are finally there, now that it is almost summer! We are heading to OTG this weekend to set up the tents and get it ready for our summer glampers.

This of course is our favorite time of year as we let go of the stress of our daily jobs and spend the summer days in our mountain paradise. We are hoping to add 3 small single person tipis, I will know soon if they are going to work out. Being the super deal shopper that I am I was really excited to win the bids on Ebay for these tipis, of course, never having set up a tipi, I didn't realize how difficult it is to get the poles, liners, floors, etc. and how long it takes to cut down lodge pole pines and strip them. So, the experimenting begins on alternate poles:)

I will keep you updated. Don't forget to book a tent for you and your special someone for a romantic getaway!

Also, we have our first Tai Chi Retreat June 21st-23rd. Still space available and a great price of $250 per person which includes meals, accommodations and instruction. If you aren't familiar with Tai Chi it is best described as meditation in motion. It is wonderful!

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Oh wow,that would be amazing, cant wait to get the whole family up! Love the Bell Tent!

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